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Casey Young has designed synthesizers and programed electronic instruments for a string of albums and movies over his long career.  As a keyboardist in the late 60s, Casey found it easy and natural to explore the exciting new developments in electronic musical instruments.  As a result he began programming synths such as the Synclavier for studio recordings as well as live conc

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Snooky Young, which was captured on October 18, 2005. For his biography and web clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/snooky-young

Chip Young was one of the best known recording session guitarists in Nashville. His thumb picking style can be heard on countless recordings and hundreds of hit records made in Nashville between the early 1960s into the 2000s. One of his longest associations was with Elvis Presley. He began recording with Elvis in 1965, continuing until Elvis's passing in 1977.

Dr. Carlton Young has had a most interesting career as an editor and arranger of church music for hymnals and for music publishers such as Hope Music.  His passion for church music began in his childhood and continued to grow and develop after college.  He served as editor for two editions of the United Methodist’s Hymnal, first in 1966 and again in 1989.  His work with Hope includes “Music of the Heart” in 1995 and “Our Lives Be Praise” in 1990.

Paul Youngblood has become the expert of the BOSS effects pedal products due to his longevity with the Roland company. He has witnessed first hand, and took great part in the development and growth of the innovative BOSS products.

Bill Youse is proud of the fact that his grandfather, George, worked in the Steinway & Sons piano factory on Long Island as did his father before Bill joined the company in 1973.

Leona Yousling was married to one of the most beloved members of the Wurlitzer Company team of the 1960s and 70s, John Yousling. John created many of the sales training classes, which he provided in several countries over 2 decades, becoming an influential teacher to many who have later became leaders within the industry.

Stephen Yu pioneered conga making in Thailand before it was common and popular. He also created a long list of items, beginning with guitars, for a number of other companies. When it was time for him to branch out and create his own name product line, he found his operations were already up and running, but the name was not known. That was 1984.

Katie Yu first heard about Tom Lee Music Company in Hong Kong while her children were taking music lessons.  In 1991, she began working in the administrative office for the store.

Quincy Yu is a Senior Vice President for Tycoon Music, which his father, Stephen, established in 1984.  Quincy has played a vital part in the growth of the markets around the world with a focus on areas with little explorer to world hand percussive instruments such as the conga.  He has also helped to establish the United States office for Tycoon to better assist with the needs