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Dan Vedda grew up playing music. As an arranger and trumpeter he gained a respected reputation in the Westlake area of Ohio. After working for a music retailer in town he was encouraged by a music teacher friend to open his own store –so he did. Skyline Music--the name comes from his rock band the Skyliners--brought Dan’s great knowledge of music and business together. He focused on the often-forgotten customer of music stores, the music teacher. In 1996 he became a regular columnist for the Music and Sound Retailer.

Thomas Veerkamp proudly represents the 100-year-old company in Mexico that was formed by his grandfather in 1908. The company began as a small retail store and later expanded to one of the most respected music wholesalers in the world.

Walther Veerkamp was the son of the founder of Casa Veerkamp, one of the most respected and oldest music retailers in Mexico. His father, who was born in Germany, opened a small music retail store in Mexico City in 1908. He struggled to provide instruments for the store even while exporting products from Europe.

Joe Veillette took a luthier class, a class by Michael Gurian back in 1971 and never looked back!  He became so interested in guitar building that he teamed up with Harvey Citron and formed Veillette-Citron in 1976.  The two luthiers collaborated with John Sebastian to develop and market the first production baritone guitar.

Manuel Velazquez was one of the greatest guitar luthiers of the last one hundred years. He was born in Puerto Rico in 1917 and handcrafted his first classical guitar when he was still a teenager in 1929. He studied the art of guitar making from his older brother and the importance of woods from his father, who was a farmer.

Koob Veneman’s father started the first Veneman’s Music Store in Holland, an idea copied by Koob in Maryland in 1960. Koob, like his father, was a luthier who designed his own instruments. Koob introduced his line of electric guitars called KAPA in 1964. The product line resulted in a healthy run for six years.

Ted Veneman grew up in his father’s music store. As early as 1975, Ted was etching out a mail order catalog under the name “Music Emporium,” which was much earlier than most mail order catalogs in the industry.

Billy Vera spent 40 years waiting for overnight success, which came in the form of his 1985 hit song “At This Moment.” His road to overnight success is a very fascinating story that began in 1962 when Billy was playing guitar for the band, the Resolutions.

Marcello Vercelli was trained as a mechanical engineer and landed his first job in the music industry at RCF.  RCF is an Italian based professional loudspeaker manufacturer, and a big OEM supplier for transducers and other projects.  It was a wonderful introduction in the world of audio that he loves.

Tony Verderosa was inspired by Bill Bruford's use of electronic percussion units to write new music in real-time. After graduating from the Crane School of Music, Tony began working with a number of innovative drum products. He debuted the DTS70 Triggering Module for Yamaha and sought new ways to program and assign complete chord voicing to a given drum pad. Beginning in the early 1990s, Tony b