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Marcello Vercelli was trained as a mechanical engineer and landed his first job in the music industry at RCF.  RCF is an Italian based professional loudspeaker manufacturer, and a big OEM supplier for transducers and other projects.  It was a wonderful introduction in the world of audio that he loves.

Tony Verderosa was inspired by Bill Bruford's use of electronic percussion units to write new music in real-time. After graduating from the Crane School of Music, Tony began working with a number of innovative drum products. He debuted the DTS70 Triggering Module for Yamaha and sought new ways to program and assign complete chord voicing to a given drum pad. Beginning in the early 1990s, Tony b

Marc-Pierre Verge came to work on computer generated musical instruments by first studying acoustics. He and his colleagues at Applied Acoustics Systems used physical modeling to recreate the sounds of analog synthesizers and acoustic objects.

Mike Vernon formed an instrumental rock band inspired by George Tomsco called The 3 Balls of Fire (the name taken from the first song they learned to play "Great Balls of Fire").  During his career, Mike played with several legendary instrumentalists such as Tomsco and Link Wray, as well as Davie Allen and the late Jerry Cole, who had a hit recording of “Surf Age.”  Mike was in

Nancy Vernon and her husband, Gene Monnig, own and operate Cadenza Music in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Nancy is very active with the music teachers in and around the area and works hard to build those relationships so the store can best serve the needs of teachers and students alike.

Andrew Vickers teaches middle school instrumental music in DeWitt, Iowa. Classes under his instruction range from concert band, jazz band, and even guitar classes, as well as private lessons for all ages. He speaks here about teaching in a small school and about being new to a school.

Dwight Vicks, III serves as president and is the third generation to run Vicks, a content delivery company originally known as Vicks Brothers Printing. Started by his grandfather, Dwight E. Vicks Sr., Vicks was founded in 1918 in Utica, New York.

Johnny Vidacovich was born in New Orleans and raised by his mother and grandparents. He started playing drums when he was ten years old and would go to night clubs around New Orleans and stand outside the open windows of the clubs to listen and learn from some of the city's best drummers and musicians. Johnny wrote the method book "New Orleans and Second Line Drumming" with Her

The piano sticker program was a NAMM program in the late 20's to the 30's and again briefly in the 1950's. The sticker program was an effort to authenticate dealers and pianos in a time when there was stenciling (counterfeit branding) of pianos and some disreputable dealers. Unfortunately, we do not have any records pertaining to those programs.

Band Instrument Repair Technicians are always working behind the scenes to save the day when instruments come in damaged and in need of some repair.  They are the ones that have all the crazy and interesting stories, like in this clip you will hear a story about how a police officer once ran over someone’s tenor sax.  They are very crafty with creating different tools to fix an