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Ed Thigpen, known as Mr. Taste for his remarkable touch and feel as an innovative drummer, had a few (hundred) tricks up his musical sleeves when it came to brush work on the snare drums or speed on the high-hat. As a jazz drummer, Ed played with just about everyone everywhere.

Hans Thomann runs the music store his father founded in a small German village. The Thomann Music name is now known all around Europe for quality service and products. Mr. Thomann noted, “Yes, we want to sell instruments, but only the right one to our customers. This is what we work for.” His NAMM Oral History interview was completed on July 24, 2005. 

Milton Thomas has had a long and well-respected career in the music products industry. Milt served as National Sales Manager/Director of Marketing for the Lowrey Organ Company before becoming Vice President of marketing for the keyboard musical instrument division of CBS Musical Instruments.

Larry Thomas is the current CEO of Fender Musical Instrument Company.  He also served as CEO of Guitar Center during the company’s early growth period. He worked closely with music educational programs throughout his career and in fact created the Guitar Center Foundation and the Fender Music Foundation.  Larry began his career in the music industry working for music stores in San Jose, Califorina. 

Abe Thomas has shown remarkable insight and made great strides forward in the music therapy arena. Able to identify a unique instrument, the OmniChord, and immediately see its value to non-musicians, Abe embarked on a path that lead him to partner with Suzuki and bring the instrument into music therapy.

William Thomas is a recent retiree who served as first the head Band Director at Lakota East High School outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. He gives insights on the challenges and rewards of beginning and building a new music program.

Russell Thomas was a band director for over 34 years.  During his teaching years he often felt frustrated that simple repairs would take weeks and often delay concerts or rehearsals.  A local music store provided him an opportunity to learn simple repairs, which led to a passion that resulted in training at Allied Supply.  In 1967 he opened Thomas Music Inc.

Chris Thomas has worked in several areas of the C.F. Martin & Company factory in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.  Chris worked in the binding department among others before having the opportunity to work with Dick Boak in Artist Relations.  Chris has worked with many of Martin's most recent artists to develop relationships that cover endorsement ads to signature models.

Michael Thomas grew up in Los Angles where he took to music at an early age.  He formed a swing band and became a professional musician.  Along the way he began making his own valve oil and gave it away to friends for years before he decided he should form a company to sell the product and to create other products to sell to musicians.  His first partner was a friend named Warr

David Thomas is the second tenor for the singing group Take 6.  He joined the group only five years after they were formed and soon became an important element in their unique sound.  During their career the group has sold millions of recordings and has won countless awards including ten Grammy Awards.  The group has been active in music advocacy programs, such as those funded