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Ken Tobias loved repairing guitars for himself and his friends and was able to turn it into a business in the early 1970s when he opened Tobias Guitars in Downers Grove, Illinois. One of his first lines was Martin Guitars and with the help of his son, Paul, several years later the store became the top selling Taylor dealer in the state.

Michael Tobias is well known as a gifted and knowledgeable guitar luthier. The Tobias bass, now made by Gibson, has often been praised for its playability and unique sound. Mike is also among the country’s leading authorities on American guitars, having been a guitar repairman since he was 23 years old. His NAMM Oral History interview was completed on July 23, 2005.

Lol Tolhurst formed a rock band with some friends in high school that went on to revitalize and define music in the 1980s. The Cure enjoyed wide success with millions of albums sold, live performances around the world, and was among the first acts to chart hit records before alternative rock became mainstream.

Isao Tomita was the world-renowned composer of electronic music who famously used the Moog synthesizers to create award winning music that influenced a generation of music makers!  Among his most incredible contributions to music was his use of multitrack recordings to create polyphonic synthesizers sounds before a polyphonic synth was created!

Tommy Tompkins began working for CG Conn in Elkhart, Indiana right after high school.  He worked in a variety of positions within the company before his training and certification on waste water management.  Tommy, like so many of the factory workers at Conn-Selmer, enjoys working with his co-workers and being involved in making musical instruments for others to make music from

George Tomsco formed the influential rock band The Fireballs with several of his high school friends.  The band became known for its instrumental recordings, which were very popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s.  Many of the band’s best known songs were written by George, including “Torquay” in 1959 and “Bulldog” the following year.  The instrumentals, with a strong focus

 Zhi Cheng Tong is the Chairman for Pearl River Pianos in China and one of the longest-term employees of the company that was established in 1956.  Chairman Tong joined the company just two years later.  Since that time, Chairman Tong has made his products among the best known pianos in the world, while maintaining the great responsibilities he feels all piano makers should dis

Emmanuel Tonnelier is the General Manager for Vandoren Paris, the world famous reed maker based in France. He works closely with Bernard Van Doren, who is the grandson of the founder.

Eddie Toporek began as an innovative musical wholesaler when he set out to create a new type of distribution business, with a heavy influence on the latest technology. As a result Eddie created software for invoicing and account management that was not available in the late 1970s and early 80s.

Peter Tork was an original member of the Monkees and enjoyed great success on TV and the top of the pop charts during the mid and late 1960s.