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Bill Wellborn was honored with the National Piano Traveler’s Association Lifetime Achievement Award in 2007 for his dedication to the industry. As a piano salesman, Bill has traveled the country for a number of different piano manufacturers such as PA Stark, Story & Clark and Young Chang.

Enrico Weller is a historian of the musical traditions of Markneukirken Germany. In fact, Dr. Weller wrote an informative volume outlining the many important contributions and innovations by the music industry located in Markneukirken. The book is called “Der Blasinstrumentenbau im Vogtland von den Anfängen bis zum Beginn des 20.

Bobby Wellins was surprised to learn that Charlie Watts, the drummer for the Rolling Stones, listed Bobby as an influence on his playing.  After all, the jazzman played tenor saxophone.  However, it was Bobby’s delivery that gained the ear of the young Mr.

Kitty Wells has been crowned the First Lady of Country Music for her pioneering style and impressive string of hit recordings beginning in the 1940s and continuing into the mid 1960s. For most of her life, she had also been a regular on the tour schedule along with her husband, Johnny Wright. Ms.

Jerry Wenger was just a kid when he recalls his father asking him and his sister to help him out with building some products he has invented, in the basement, for his school use as a music educator.  Jerry was right there at the beginning of one of the music industry’s most innovative manufacturer of furniture and equipment for music practice, rehearsal and performance faciliti

Billy Wennlund and his brother Don made up one of the most iconic sales teams in the music products industry. Don was the salesman, the guy with the pitch and Billy knew the products inside out. Together they helped establish the Lowrey Organ in the home market. They were both born in DeKalb, IL and while Billy was in the US Navy, Don got a job at Wurlitzer. When he returned, Billy joined Don at Wurlitzer and in 1958 they opened their own music retail store. Years later Billy became the Vice President of Product Development for Norlin, which owned Lowrey Organs.

Mark Wentling is the CEO and President of Ashly Audio in upstate New York.  As an engineer Mark established himself within the industry as a creative and passionate contributor to such companies as MXR, Fender and the Music Man.  The amp products he worked on in those early days continue to generate respect from engineers who admire his approach to product development.  Mark br

Lutz Wentscher spoke of the long history of Tonger Music House, one of the most traditional publishers in Germany.  As CEO, Lutz has helped guide the company in recent years, yet looks back fondly on the many achievements of the Tonger Company since it was first established in Cologne in 1822.  Tonger has been committed for over 100 years to the education system and the music p

Dale Wentworth put himself through college by teaching music lessons in the back of his father’s lighting store Kelowna, British Columbia. After finishing college, Dale realized that his lessons along with some instrument sales were surpassing the income of his father’s business.

Stanley Werbin opened a small guitar shop he named Elderly Instruments on July 5, 1972. The original location was in East Lansing, Michigan and focused on "used instruments".  Within a few years Stan watched the growth and development of the vintage guitar market and provided a repair shop and expert staff to address the needs of this new market.  Stan's store was one of the first retail shops to sell vintage gear through the mail and over the Internet.