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Rick Valentine is the founder and president of Valentine’s House of Music, a retail store dedicated to piano sheet music and method books.  Over his career, Rick developed not only a true love of sheet music but a wonderful relationship with many of the key piano teachers and music educational associations both in and around Texas.  When he opened his own store Rick knew the ty

Pete Valentino noticed that band instrument repairmen often had a difficult task in replacing worn pads on flutes and saxophones. He had burned his hands on many occasions and thought that there must be a better way. He soon made and marketed the Valentino Pad, a replacement product that later became factory added to a number of leading manufacturer’s instruments.

Jay Valle began working in the organ industry in the 1950s and has witnessed some rather amazing changes. He was part of the organ boom of the 1960s and 70s that brought the instrument into shopping malls as an impulse item. Jay has watched the change in technology, which has greatly benefited the sound and price of the instruments.

Jaime Valle started out playing top 40 hits, but before long grew tired and was looking for something new when he happened upon jazz. It was a match made in heaven. After studying with Howard Roberts among others, Jaime went on to forge a top flight repertoire leading to multiple San Diego music awards in both straight ahead and Latin jazz.

Art Van Damme became one of the biggest stars of the 1950s with a 15-minute radio and TV program, a noted role in the NBC orchestra, and many miscellaneous recordings, all-centering on his talents as an accordionist. The accordion seemed an unlikely instrument for producing a star, however during the 1950s, there were more accordion students than piano students.

Mike van der Logt is the Head of Sales for Lewitt Audio Company. Mike worked in a small music store in his hometown as a teenager, which shaped his passion for musical and audio products. He later served on the Behringer team, selling and marketing the company’s audio equipment.

Bernard Van Doren is the grandson of the founder of Vandoren Paris, the world famous reed maker. His grandfather, Eugene, formed the company in 1905 based on his technique of making high quality reeds. His father, Robert, expanded the company to include other products and introduced the renowned 5RV mouthpiece. Since taking over the company in 1967, Bernard has added to the ree

Rudy Van Gelder was the recording engineer for countless jazz records beginning in the 1940s. To say he was a pioneer seems like an understatement when you take into consideration not only the classic recordings he was involved with, but also the techniques and the studios he built that redefine the sound of recorded jazz, especially in the 1960s.

Jim Van Hook has played an enormous role in the growth of the church music publishing industry. As founder of Brentwood Music and later as president of Word, he has overseen two of the three largest Christian music companies in the United States. His insight on current conditions of the industry as well as the changes he has observed within our interview with him was fascinating. He grew up in southern Georgia, the son of a preacher who went to Bible school and began playing trumpet at Peabody University where he earned his masters degree in music education.

Tom Van Hoose has become an expert on the Gibson 400 Series guitars and in fact even wrote the book on the subject. As a collector, Tom found himself surrounded by used guitars and decided in 1991 to open his own shop, Van Hoose Vintage in Carrollton, Texas.  The business grew from attending the Dallas Guitar Show into a world-wide business that is dedicated to serving its customers with the finest in classic instruments and amplifiers.