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Kurt Zentmaier fondly recalls the stories his father told him on how the family music store was established back in 1959.  Rondo Music’s first location was right outside of New York City and soon developed a strong business known for its customer service.  The full line store gained a reputation for its knowledgeable staff, which led to the growth of several instrument niches w

William Zeswitz was taught the violin by this father, who formed the Zeswitz Music Store outside of Redding, PA. Bill became president and a true leader in the industry. Over the years, he served on the NAMM Board, the AMC Board, was among the first Charter Benefactors of the Museum of Making Music, and co-formed the Omega Group with James Saied, James Johnson, T.

Gregor Zielinsky has been a sound engineer for years, so when he tells you about the correct microphone for any given performance, you should listen. Along with his passion for and knowledge of recording equipment are his many stories of professional musicians and the microphones they prefer. As public relations and artist relation’s director for Sennheiser, Mr.

Bob Ziems (it sounds like "seems as in Ziems it seems") was a dedicated member of the testing department at CG Conn from 1941-1971 and later with Selmer. However, it was what he did for a hobby that became most important to the NAMM Resource Center. As early as 1937, Bob took photographs of every musical company, store and even small tool shed that produced instruments in the town of Elkhart.

Robert and Willi Zildjian were interviewed together at the NAMM show in Anaheim on January 18, 2006, the year which marked the 25th anniversary of their cymbal company. SABIAN, whose name comes from the first two letters of the names of their three children, has since become synonymous with innovative products around the world.

Armand Zildjian had many friends in the music industry and even years after his passing, the stories of Armand and his role in the industry seem to be everywhere.  As president of the Avedis Zildjian Company, Armand oversaw the cymbal manufacturing that was part of his family since it was first established in 1623.

Willi Zildjian has made many lasting contributions to the SABIAN Cymbal Company, which she formed along with her husband Bob back in 1981. However, her most noted is the naming of the company. While driving to New York from their factory in Canada, she discussed names with her husband.

Craigie Zildjian has accomplished what no other woman has done in her company’s over 380-year history; she has become president of the Zildjian Cymbal Company. She has also been a pioneer in industry-related organizations where few other women have been.

Deborah Zildjian proudly recalled stories of her father and her grandfather, two of the most successful leaders of her family’s 380 plus years as cymbal makers. Deborah has a compelling way of recounting her family’s history such as her memories of her grandmother and grandfather.

Andy Zildjian is the president of the cymbal company his parents established in 1981, Sabian. With a long family tradition of cymbal making, Andy is proud to continue developing the company. Andy has worked to continue the core set of values established by his parents regarding customer and employee care as well as producing the best products possible.