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Dwight Vicks, III serves as president and is the third generation to run Vicks, a content delivery company originally known as Vicks Brothers Printing. Started by his grandfather, Dwight E. Vicks Sr., Vicks was founded in 1918 in Utica, New York.

Johnny Vidacovich was born in New Orleans and raised by his mother and grandparents. He started playing drums when he was ten years old and would go to night clubs around New Orleans and stand outside the open windows of the clubs to listen and learn from some of the city's best drummers and musicians. Johnny wrote the method book "New Orleans and Second Line Drumming" with Her

Having a very long history, the trumpet dates all the way back to at least 1500 BC.  Trumpets were used in the early days as a way to signal battle or hunting. Today they are used in several different genres, ranging from classical to popular music.

William Gard (1915-1987) served as the NAMM Executive President for over 35 years, beginning right after World War II.  In fact it was Mr.

Women’s role in the music industry has progressively grown and developed over the years.  When the NAMM Oral History program began, many of the women interviewed kept the books of their retail store.  However, the role women have played in the industry grew to include more and more women in top managerial positions.  These are decision making roles, and roles that allow more involvem

The piano sticker program was a NAMM program in the late 20's to the 30's and again briefly in the 1950's. The sticker program was an effort to authenticate dealers and pianos in a time when there was stenciling (counterfeit branding) of pianos and some disreputable dealers. Unfortunately, we do not have any records pertaining to those programs.

Bluegrass Music blends Irish Folk Music with Appalachia Mountain Music, resulting in a unique American roots style sound. Most historians point to 1948 and the Bill Monroe band as the beginning, however, our interviewee Curly Seckler was performing very similar music as early as 1938.  Mr.

The harmonica is a free wind instrument used in several genres of music worldwide. The reeds are pre-tuned to individual pitches, which can be done by changing the length or stiffness of the reed.  Bending, tongue blocking, over bending, and lip pursing (among several others) are different techniques used for playing the harmonica.

Accordions make a sound when the bellows are expanded or compressed with air, while pressing keys causing the pallets to open.  The air moves across the strips of reeds, allowing them to vibrate.

Music Stores are the first glimpse into the music industry for many of us, and often ignite the passion to play. This compilation from the Oral History archives features memories of music stores from industry greats such as John R.