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This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Paul Weston was an arranger for several dance bands before forming his own orchestra during the Big Band Era.

BR Wexler was the president of Wexler Music Company, the leading manufacturer of symphonic batons. The company also produces a wide range of accessory products. Established by his father, David Wexler, the company pioneered the music store counter catalog and gained great respect for its fair business practices.

Ralph-Joerg Wezorke became active in the pro lighting industry in 1975. He is the founder of pro-lighting company Lightpower. The company was formed in 1978 in Paderborn, Germany and soon became an important rental house for touring acts as well as stage plays and smaller rock and roll performances.

Katie Wheeler was an early volunteer of the Museum of Making Music in the NAMM headquarters in Carlsbad, California.  Her docent experience with the museum gave Katie the opportunity to work across the lobby in the NAMM Resource Center.  Her personal interest in documentation and organization was the perfect fit in the early days of cataloging the archival collection.  Katie co

Lynn Wheelwright has always been fascinated with the guitar, especially the craft of building the instrument. After performing as a teenager, he developed many of his luthier skills from repairing guitars in his own shop. After befriending Alvino Rey in the 1980s and repairing several of Mr. Rey’s instruments, Lynn began studying the history of vintage guitars.

Frank Whetstine was working late in his musical instrument repair shop when he got to thinking about the unique way George Benson holds his guitar pick.  Frank tried a few ways and finally took his pliers and twisted the end of the pick.  He looked at the twisted pick and said out loud, that is a “sik pik.”  The name stuck and after several improvements he filed a patent on the

Ron Whitaker is a rock drummer who found himself an endorser of several cutting-edge percussive products over the years. As he proudly points out, he never endorsed a product he did not believe in and play personally. Ron was an early organizer of fundraisers for medical and dental coverage for musicians in need.

Diana White is like so many factory workers within the music industry because most of her friends and many members of her own family have worked in the same plant over the years.  Diana is very proud of her work and the skills she has gained over the years, especially those related to CNC work in more recent years.

Roland White has played mandolin nearly as long as he can remember. Influenced by the Bluegrass and country music he heard as a boy, Roland created his own unique style, which has been a major influence on generations of students.

Wil White worked for Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center for nearly 30 years!  It all began on October 6, 1987 when he was looking for a job and answered an ad for a cashier.  He was hired by the founder, Mr.