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Freddie Washington is proud of the connections he has made in the music world as a bass player and that his passion for music has led to so many opportunities to make music with other passionate musicians!  His first professional gig was with Herbie Hancock when Freddie was 19 years old.  He later performed with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, BB King, and a host of other top r

Steven Wasser grew up in a very musical family and played reed instruments as a child but really dreamed of owning his own business. After graduating from Harvard Business School, Steven worked in several industries before having the chance to combine his interests of business and his passion for music. He purchased the famed Powell Flutes company in Boston, Massachusetts.

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Charles Watkins, which was captured on May 16, 2008.  For his biography and web clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/charles-watkins

Charles Watkins invented the Watkins Copicat, an echo unit introduced in 1958. Mr. Watkins was inspired by the Morino Marini Quartet who made famous the Comi Prima, which contained a special use of repeated phrasings. The Copicat revolutionized the world of music beginning in the United Kingdom, Watkins’ home country, and soon covered the world.

Bobby Watson grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and remembers dreaming of buying a new saxophone at the local music store.  An early gig with drummer Art Blakey began Bobby on his career as a noted jazz musician, which has included forming his own award winning band and playing with such artists as Joe Williams and Carlos Santana.

Claude Watson was a precise and revered luthier who perfected the fine art of handcrafted instrument building. He was known for his clever design and complex inlay work in country-style flat tops and a series of violins, cellos, and string basses.

Nate Watts grew up in Detroit, Michigan when Motown was in full swing, and it proved to be a major inspiration for the bass legend. In 1974 Nate was summoned by Stevie Wonder to join his band and his first recording session with Stevie was on the classic album Songs In The Key of Life. Nate has been with Stevie as bass player and musical director ever since.

Donald Waxman is a noted composer who served as editor at Galaxy Music Publishing Corp., as well as several positions on the ASCAP and MPA Boards over the years. He is best known for his contributions to piano pedagogy and educational method books for first time piano students.

Greg Way has had a long and successful career in the Canadian music retail industry and has been a strong advocate for music and music making throughout his career. As an owner of St. John’s Music, Greg developed many programs for his customers and played a key role in the company’s store expansion. His understanding of the changing market and the business practices for both Canada and the United States has served the industry well.

Christopher Weait attended Potsdam's music program in the late 1950s, the same time as John O'Reilly and Sandy Feldstein.  After teaching music and playing in many orchestras, Christopher began to compose.  He published a book, one of the first, on double reed making and soon wrote method books and works for large and small groups.