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Norman Whitfield Jr grew up surrounded by music. His father was the noted songwriter, Norman Whitfield, who penned such classic hits as “I Heard It Through the Grapevine”, “Just My Imagination”, “Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone”, and the disco era hit “Car Wash”. Norman Whitfield Jr followed in his father’s footsteps by having a big impact on music behind the scenes.

This audio only interview was conducted for a radio program by Dan Del Fiorentino and donated to the NAMM Oral History program: Margaret Whiting was a popular singer who had a number of hit recordings in the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Laura Whitmore’s passion for music began at a young age, learning to play guitar and writing songs as a teenager. She attended Hofstra University where she earned a B.S. in Music Merchandising and an MBA in Marketing. Laura worked for CBS Records and Korg, where she rose through the ranks of marketing assistant to marketing manager and artist relations for Korg, Marshall, and Vox.

Edward Whitmyer began working on the bench at Selmer in Elkhart in the 1970s when most of the work was done by hand.  During his long career, Edward, has witnessed firsthand the development of computer driven machines to complete some of the tasks he once completed by hand.  His training on CNC machines has been a key in the use of the machines to do routine jobs while allowing

Tony Whitt began his career in the industry with the Linton oboe company in Elkhart, Indianan.  He later began working for Gemeinhart, which has been where he has been for most of his 52 plus years in the industry.  At the time of his mini interview, Tony was working in finishing and final assembly of the flutes for Gemeinhart.

Chris Whittington is the product engineer at Remo Inc in Valencia, California, a place he has referred to as his home.  After all, Chris is a musician who is passionate about playing, who designs instruments that are used by musicians who are passionate about playing!  Sitting down with Chris for just a few minutes it becomes clear that he cares about creating meaningful produc

Jody Whyte recalls fondly sitting in the family store as a child watching her grandfather repair pianos and then he would make banana pancakes for her. Those memories took on extra meaning after his passing and when her mother, Wendy Hutchings, asked if Jody would join her in the business and apply her background in business to the piano business.

Stephen Wick, whose father is a well-regarded classical musician, grew up in a very musical home.  What he discovered as a child that remains to this very day is that his father’s passion for music, transferred nicely over to him.  Together they work in the company his father, Denis, established to provide high quality instrument accessories such as mouthpieces and mutes.  As a

Denis Wick was only 25 years old when he became the principal trombonist for the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO). Over the next 30 years, he played with the LSO and other world class orchestras on stage and recordings. Along the way, he felt a need to improve the mouthpiece he was using, so he created his own.

Henry Wickham knew the secret of a good sounding piano, the cast iron plates. For decades Henry was the president of the Wickham Piano Company in Ohio, where many of the plates for Steinway and other companies were created. It was Henry Z. Steinway who strongly suggested to the NAMM staff that Mr.