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Curtis White was 11 years old when his father, Forrest White, resigned from Fender Guitar Company. Curtis remembers being devastated and wondering what the family would do since Fender was such a big part of his life. Forrest was one of the early employees of the guitar maker, located in Fullerton, California.

Chris White is the president of White House of Music, with three locations in Wisconsin.  The full line store has a very strong band and orchestra element as they call on many local schools as well as provide music lessons within the store.  Their combo department has been developed over the years with Chris’ influence as the needs of the customers have changed.  Chris has also

Verdine White has become a close friend to the NAMM family thanks to his dedication to music education and music advocacy programs around the world.  He has supported the efforts to keep music in public schools and has performed countless events to raise money for such causes.  As the bassist for Earth, Wind & Fire, Verdine brought music to the world that has been an inspir

Roger White’s father opened the Waukesha House of Music in Waukesha, Wisconsin, in 1953. The name was changed to the White House of Music just before Roger joined the company as a salesman in 1967. Roger had the vision to grow and develop the school music business, which he did to great success.

Danny White is the owner of the famed Sound Techniques Recording Studio, located in the United Kingdom, which began in 1964.  The studio had its own sound (based largely on the custom made mixing consoles) that enriched the recordings of Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, John Martyn and The Who!  In the early part of his career, Danny owned 16 Tons Recording Studio in Nashville, which b

Diana White is like so many factory workers within the music industry because most of her friends and many members of her own family have worked in the same plant over the years.  Diana is very proud of her work and the skills she has gained over the years, especially those related to CNC work in more recent years.

Wil White worked for Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center for nearly 30 years!  It all began on October 6, 1987 when he was looking for a job and answered an ad for a cashier.  He was hired by the founder, Mr.

Bill White played drums since he was a child. So when his son approached him to make a snare drum for him after Bill’s retirement, he agreed. Since that time the snares his son played have been requested by friends and fellow drummers to the point that they decided to start a business. White & Son Custom Percussion focused on snare drums with single shells.

Lynn White may downplay the role she has played within their family’s music store business, but for all those who have been to White House of Music, her spark and passion for music are very evident.  Her husband’s father opened a small music store in Waukesha, Wisconsin back in 1953 in order to serve the local musicians.  When Roger and Lynn became involved full time, they expa

Jim Whitehill provided a very important overview of the products and politics of the Norlin Music Company, which was originally named Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI) when Mr. M.H. Berlin formed the company in the 1920s. In the late 1960s and early 70s, the Norlin company, headed by Mr.