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Joachim Winter is the president of the Jakob Winter Company, a family business since it was established in 1886. The company supplies accessories like cases and violin bows, as well as a long line of stringed instruments and wind instruments. Joachim and his wife purchased the company and brought the business back into the family to proudly carry on the traditions of servicing

Johnny Winter has become an important link between classic blues artists and modern audiences. Johnny’s blues style stays fresh and current while playing the important standards by artists such as Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker. Johnny began performing at an early age with his younger brother, Edgar, playing the ukulele and singing.

Edgar Winter grew up in a musical family, his older brother being the blues legend Johnny Winter.  Edgar played in several of his brother’s bands before forming his own bands, always with a focus on rock and roll.  He pioneered the synthesizer in many settings and is the inventor of the keyboard strap because he wanted to jump around the stage as the guitarists did.  His energe

Greg Winther’s grandfather opened the Winther Music Company in downtown Boise, Idaho, just before World War II. The near-by streets would soon be covered with competitors, a fact Greg, who took over as president of the store in the 1970s, found to be healthy for business. Greg branched out into sound systems and installations in the 1990s.

Paul Winther took over his parent’s music store in Boise, Idaho, which was opened in 1943.  Paul enjoyed the selling side of the business, especially selling pianos and organs.  Paul took great pride in the fact that his son Greg came into the business and would run the store after Paul's retirement.

Dave Wintz has always enjoyed designing musical gear, whether it be guitars or pickups.  His passion lies with creating a product that will provide any musician with the opportunity to add to their own unique sound, like a painter adding a new color to his palette.  In the early part of his career, Dave and his partner opened a  music store in Houston, Texas, called Rocking Rob

Chip Wise has been in the piano business for many years and has enjoyed the customers he has met and the people he has worked with both in the companies he worked and out. Over the early days of the NAMM Oral History program more interviewees suggested we interview Chip than anyone else.

Skipper Wise is a recording artist and performer who saw the need to create cutting edge microphones that took advantage of the venue they were supporting, such as studios and large concert halls.

 Mac Wiseman joined the Foggy Mountain Boys in 1946, the same year the legendary bluegrass band was formed.  The groups two founders, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, formed their own group after performing and recording with the father of bluegrass, Bill Monroe.  When the Foggy Mountain Boys began recording, Mac played guitar.  In later years he also sang with the group, but it

Mel Wisniewski gave music lessons in a small music store in upstate Wisconsin and soon discovered he was interested in the idea of owning his own store. Not wanting to compete with his friend, Mel and his brother, Joe, moved to Southern Illinois where they established Wisniewski Brother’s Music in 1963.