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Mike Wuellner opened Online Marketing in the early 1990s with the idea of providing a quality product line with products that help serve their customer base.  He built up his dealer base over time with attention to service and by offering innovative products.  Online Marketing was among the first rep firms to offer PRS Guitars, among many other products.

Lucien Wulsin’s grandfather was taught the piano business by D. W. Baldwin, the founder of the world-famous piano company. What he learned was passed down to his son, who, like his father, became president of the company. Lucien III carried on the family tradition and served as President of Baldwin Piano Company during the turbulent 1960s. The piano business needed to compete with the home organ products, which were on the rise.

Jack Wyatt is well known in the piano industry as the historian of the Piano Technicians Guild. In fact, when the PTG opened a museum in their home office in Kansas City, MO, Jack was there to take on the project of telling the important story of the organization’s contribution to the industry.

Bill Xavier was introduced into the music products industry while working with Hartley Peavey. Peavey became a strong mentor to Bill and was like a second father to him. Bill has often said that much of the passion he has for the music products industry was developed as a result of working with Mr. Peavey.

Kazuo Yairi was one of the most renowned guitar luthiers in Japan. His long career began as a child when he watched his father building unique handcrafted instruments for local students and musicians. The company expanded under Yairi-san's leadership to include several new models, but always with the tradition of his father and his own background in mind.

Hajime Yamaguchi was born on September 26, 1944 in Tokyo, Japan. At the age of 18 he traveled the country as a professional drummer and a year later landed a stellar job as drummer for a late night TV talk show in Japan. After a few years his girlfriend (and future wife) explained her parents concerns for her getting married to a musician. They wanted him to have a steady paying job. Knowing a friend who worked for TEAC, Hajime applied for a job and was hired.

Masamitsu Yamano’s grandfather opened up a small music stop in the heart of Ginza –the shopping area of Tokyo, Japan. The year was 1892. The retailer, which started out as a small keyboard dealer, has expanded over the years to include over 50 retail stores in Japan. Mr.

Nobunari Yanagisawa is the president of the company his father established just before World War II.  The company began as a repair shop, which focused on the saxophone.  The factory was used for military projects during the war but closed after the war.

Masani Yanagisawa’s father formed the Pearl Drum Company in Japan just after World War II. Masani applied his marketing knowledge to assist in the growth and development of the company. Working with his brother, who served as president, they built the brand name out of a pure OEM business to become one of the best known and respected drum names in the world.

Weird Al Yankovic built his career upon creating parodies of hit songs, with a special focus on incorporating his beloved accordion.  Al began recording his silly songs on tape and mailing them into the Dr.