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Stay tuned for the launch of our May 2024 report commissioned with Forrester Research: NAMM Industry Insights- A Study on Customer Experience and Modern Buying Preferences in the Age of AI.

2023 NAMM Global Report
NAMM Industry Insights: A Global Perspective From NAMM Travel
NAMM Industry Insights: Post Show Report

This initiative expands upon the annual NAMM Global Report, adding more offerings throughout the year to support member companies in making informed business decisions. NAMM members continually cite information and statistics, as well as education and training, as the primary reasons for belonging to the association. NAMM is committed to providing its members with these Industry Insights reports to help strengthen our music products industry.

Industry Insights Reports

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Nonmembers may purchase the 2023 Global Report (Price: $1,000.00). Please call 1-800-767-6266 or email to inquire.

2024 NAMM Post Show Report

2024 NAMM Post Show Report

April 2024

2024 NAMM Post Show Report

When The NAMM Show gathers over 60,000 people from 125 countries, we learn a lot about the connections that strengthen our industry. From the products launched, the companies exhibiting, and the people attending, we have a week to gather valuable on-the-ground intelligence about the music products industry. In the 2024 NAMM Post Show Report, you’ll learn:

  • Trends and future outlooks for the music products industry
  • Attendee demographics, including role types and regions represented 
  • Key insights on popular education sessions, media coverage produced, The NAMM Show+ app usage, audience networking data and more

The report is presented in three sections: “What We Saw,” “What We Learned” and “What’s Next,” each showcasing findings from a collection of sources. By analyzing our registration data, education session attendance, post-show surveys, product launches and media coverage, we can present a picture of what is trending in our industry and what the year ahead of us may hold.

The report is available to all NAMM members and NAMM Show attendees. Nonmembers who would like a copy may inquire by emailing or calling 800-767-6266.

A Global Perspective From NAMM Travel

A Global Perspective From NAMM Travel

December 2023

A Global Perspective From NAMM Travel

With NAMM being the largest music trade association and The NAMM Show being the only global gathering of our industry, it’s essential that we understand our global markets to evolve and lead the industry into the future. In the fall of 2023, NAMM’s leadership traveled to various countries to collect input from industry leaders and gain valuable insights to help guide the music trade. In this report, you’ll learn:

  • 7 forces affecting the global markets to varying degrees
  • Global themes revealing common successes and challenges across regions
  • Perspectives from a diverse subset of retailers, distributors, manufacturers and association partners across Europe, Latin America, China and Japan

It is important to note that this report is purely anecdotal and does not represent any official view or stance of NAMM. While based on many corroborated conversations with knowledgeable global industry leaders, and reviewed carefully by trusted industry sources, the information presented is based on our perspective and learnings.

The report is available to all NAMM members. Nonmembers who would like a copy may inquire by emailing or calling 800-767-6266.

2023 NAMM Global Report

2023 NAMM Global Report

August 2023

2023 NAMM Global Report

For 2023, any doubts about the global nature of the music and sound products business have long since been erased, and with more than 110 countries and regions attending The NAMM Show, a global perspective of our industry is an ever-increasing need. The comprehensive annual NAMM Global Report helps NAMM member companies discern industry trends, understand the global landscape and spot new opportunities. In the 2023 report, you’ll get access to:

  • Retail sales figures, unit sales information, analysis and import/export numbers for musical instruments and products for over 30 countries
  • A breakdown of U.S. retail sales, including fretted products and effects, piano/organ, electronic music, pro audio, school music, general accessory and more
  • Music industry analysis, including the impact of the pandemic on consumer spending, music product shipments and inventory 

The 2023 NAMM Global Report is available to the authorized contact of an active NAMM member company. Nonmembers may purchase the report for $1,000 by emailing or calling 800-767-6266.

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