acoustic guitars

John Decker had the idea of building a guitar without wood, no wood at all. In the era of limited wood supply and growing technology, John experimented with a host of materials before deciding that a very good sounding guitar could be made from graphite. John formed the Rain Song Guitar Company in... more
Millie Detgen was one of the very few female manufacturers reps in the music products industry in the 1970’s and 80’s. She began working with her husband Gene Detgen after they were married in 1971. Gene was the Sales Manager at Pacific Music Supply in Los Angeles at that time. His main product... more
James Deurloo walked through the old Gibson workshop, which is now the home of his company, the Heritage Guitar Company.  Pointing proudly to a workstation in the middle of the old building, “that was my first workbench.  I learned every skill on the line and had wonderful teachers.  The old men on... more
Thomas Dotzauer is a master mandolin builder from the region of famed music instrument production center Bubenreuth in Germany. He did his apprenticeship in guitar production of Walter Hoyer for the Hoyer Guitar Company. Over the years Thomas Dotzauer has focused on producing custom-made mandolins... more
Michael Dresdner loves woodworking, so when the opportunity came up to build guitars he jumped at it. He designed and built several styles of acoustic guitars before being hired by the C.F. Martin Guitar Company. He later worked for Young Chang, the piano company, as they wanted to expand their... more
Amani Duncan serves as the Vice President of Marketing for CF Martin Guitars in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Since joining the company, Amani has focused her attention on embracing the rich tradition of the brand while covering new demographics to ensure the world knows of Martin. She has worked to... more
Doyle Dykes is not only one of his generation’s greatest guitar pickers; he is also an incredible human being. Doyle’s career as a guitar player led him to sessions with his hero, Chet Atkins, as well as regular church worship programs around the world. Mr. Dykes stated, “I’ve been blessed with the... more
Maxine Eastman-Jackson met her future husband, Bud, in school when they were 14 years old. The year the married, 1953, they moved to Provo, UT, where Bud worked at Modern Music by day and gave guitar lessons that Maxine would schedule, each night. In 1966 they moved to San Jose to operate the... more
Raughi Ebert along with Leo Henrichs had dreams of combining their love of flamenco-style guitar playing to form a duet and perform together. This dream became a reality in 1994 when they formed Tierra Negra. Together they recorded several well-received albums and toured around the world. While... more
Nancy Felixson remembers attending concerts at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica in the early 1970s. The store has a wonderful reputation for selling great instruments and gear as well as a stage that has hosted a very impressive list of performers since 1969. While at a concert in 1978, Nancy... more