NAMM Marketing Summit

In-Person Only

The world is changing dramatically with the introduction of AI. It’s made marketing faster and more cost-effective — but also made it easy to lose sight of our human connection, which can hinder growth and sales. Striking a balance between AI and human creativity will be key to ensuring that our content resonates with real people.

At this half-day workshop, digital growth strategist Molly Mahoney will share the AI content-creation system that she has been using since 2021. Using AI as a tool, we can streamline our marketing content-creation process and literally create a month’s worth of high-converting content in about an hour. And for this content to stand out, we must infuse it with human emotion, perspective and storytelling to make it authentic, relatable and engaging. By incorporating these elements, we can create a connection with our audience that leads to conversions and real impact. NAMM Marketing Summit is open to all NAMM members, but you must register for the event at