New Marketing and Social Media Strategies for 2020

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The world has fundamentally changed since COVID-19. Have your social media, online marketing and content changed with it? What updates will you want to be aware of? What changes will you want to make to your website and social media, and most of all, where is everything going? Find out at this high-powered session with marketing thought leaders Jenn Herman of Jenn’s Trends and Larry Bailin of Single Throw Marketing, with moderation by Zach Phillips, NAMM’s director of professional development. They reveal strategies, tactics and advice to connect with consumers in the new “next.” Discover how to balance business and fun on social media without seeming tone-deaf. Hear about the latest need-to-knows for selling on Instagram and Facebook, along with tips for leveling up your website and online content. Get a glimpse into the next phase of marketing and more.