How to Realize the Visual Design of a Growing Band's Brand

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Even in clubs or small venues, lighting and production design can be an incredibly effective way to differentiate your performance. Lightswitch’s John Featherstone and Chris Medvitz are joined by industry-leading production vendors, including Michael Strickland, Bandit Lites; Donny Lodico, Video West; and Eric Loader, Elation. The panel will have an open, vibrant ‘all the questions you were afraid to ask’ Q&A with the audience, discussing using lighting and visual design to your advantage, how to not waste your money, and get maximum bang for your buck! The Saturday Pro Production double sessions address building a band’s brand by leveraging thoughtful production choices that can grow with the band from clubs through to stadiums. It is the ideal session for musical artists, design creatives and production professionals working at any level of their live entertainment career. NOTE: This is the second of a two-part session. Right before this session will be Let Visual Design Take You From Not Just a Band but to a Brand as You Grow from Clubs to Stadiums. We suggest attending both sessions, but all are welcome to attend just one.