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Curtis Smith grew up loving the music of the 1950s and remembers the first 45 record he ever bought was "Cry" by Johnny Ray. While working in the aerospace industry Curtis continued collecting records and attending concerts of his favorite performers including Little Richard.

Peter B. Smith was a composer and publisher who began his career as a musician in the Royal Army Ordinance Corps, later joining the Coldstream Guards and eventually the Queen's Royal Irish Hussars. Working as a Flutist, he collaborated with the BBC for broadcasts and recordings in the 1960s.

John R. Smith and his wife, Valerie Day, formed the 1980s pop band Nu Shooz, which charted several hits and helped established the synth sound of that decade.  As a kid, John played guitar and dreamed of being a rock star.  He soon discovered that he had a talent as an arranger and songwriter, which he put to good use when Nu Shooz was established in the late 1970s.

Leland Smith was the renowned founder of computerized musical notation. He came to symbolize the technological changes in print music beginning in the 1960s. His work as a professor and educator has resulted in a method for computers to read and process musical notes. The field of computer science has grown to embrace and enhance musical creation through Leland’s work.

Connie Smith is the Vice President of Ward-Brodt Music in Madison, Wisconsin. She grew up in music and enjoyed playing music as a young girl, going on to study music in college.  While in college she applied for an internship at Ward Brodt Music, where she has been ever since!  She worked her way up within the company and served in many areas of the store, beginning with shipping clerk.

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Johnny Smith, which was captured on September 16, 2005. For his biography and web-clip, please follow this link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/johnny-smith

Richard Snape is a passionate and active member of the Australian music industry. He began playing flute in school and later worked for several music stores in and around Melbourne including Allans Music and Allans Publishing. In 2006 Richard became a shareholder and an Executive Director of the rebadged Allans Publishing (AMPD).

Phyllis Snedeker has worked for Stanton's Sheet Music Service since the 1960s and was still at work several days a week in 2016 when she was interviewed for the NAMM Oral History program.  When she began, the founder and his wife were still running the store which was one of the largest sheet music stores in the country.

Glenn Snoddy was working in the recording studio in Nashville, when a short on the control board caused Grady Martin's guitar to take on a new sound.  The engineers and producer looked at one another and asked if they heard that fuzzy sound.  That sound was later requested by other artists who sought the studio out.  So, Glenn went home and designed an effects box that was late

Palmi Snorrasen grew up in Iceland and was formally trained on the trombone, vibraphones, and accordion as a teenager. By his eighteenth birthday, Palmi was playing professionally and he later moved to Australia in 1961 and by the end of the decade was working in music retail. He purchased and worked for Academy Music, which was the Yamaha dealer in Melbourne. Within a few year