Bands at NAMM


Bands at NAMM

Bands at NAMM Submissions for Summer NAMM 2020 are open until April 10.

NAMM hosts several live music venues at The NAMM Show and Summer NAMM. The artists who play these venues are curated from submissions through our Bands at NAMM program.

Bands at NAMM Submissions for The NAMM Show 2021 will be open from August 3–September 21.

Submission Process

Bands at NAMM submissions open months before each show, at which point our submission site becomes live and available.  The exact submission dates will be released via NAMM’s website and social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). All artists are welcome and encouraged to submit their music for consideration by building an artist profile via

Submit Performance Request

All submissions received will be reviewed by NAMM’s Bands at NAMM Selection Committee. The Committee will select artists to perform at each of the Bands at NAMM venues. All submitting artists will be notified regarding their performance status prior to each show. Visas can be provided for international artists if they are selected. Bands at NAMM performers are not compensated monetarily.

Please note that NAMM receives thousands of performance requests annually and there are limited time slots available. If you are not selected to perform at a particular show, we encourage you to submit again in the future.

Bands at NAMM Artists will receive: