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Murrey Harman is the first of Buddy Harman’s six children. He remembers well the days he would sit on the floor of the recording studio to listen to his legendary father play drums on many of the classic recordings created in Nashville beginning in the 1950s. Buddy Harman was a key figure in the Nashville Sound.

George Gruhn is without question one of the top experts of vintage guitars on the planet! George collected guitars before opening the world renowned Gruhn Guitar Shop in Nashville, TN in the early 1970s.

Jerry Gorby followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a passionate advocate for music and music making. Jerry worked in the family music store, Gorby Music, in West Virginia, later becoming president of the store. Along the way, he was noted for his keen interest in preserving history and promoting the industry.

Kurt Glaesel was born into a violin-making family, which dates back to 1720, but it was Kurt who made his family name nationally known. After a noted 20 year career with Heinrich Roth, Kurt established Glaesel String Instrument Service, Inc. in 1973. The company was soon sold to Selmer, where Kurt remained making his handcrafted instruments for 15 additional years.

Rocky Giglio has been a strong leader in the development and marketing of the jj Babbitt mouthpieces product line. For years. Rocky has listened to customers and professional musicians for ways to improve the line, all the while keeping a focus on the traditions and quality so closely associated with jj Babbitt’s innovative products.

Wilhelm Gertz was often seen working on the action of a vintage grand piano whenever you stopped to visit him in his store. After all, he has been doing this same thing most of his life. He was born into a family in Germany who ran the largest piano company in the country. He learned the craft, which he proudly passed along to his son. The W.

Walter Fuller played trumpet for Earl “Fatha” Hines when Earl, a pianist, formed his first big band in 1936. Walter gained fame as trumpet player and singer on several of the band’s hit recordings.

Sam Falcetti can tell you everything you’d ever want to know about the accordion and, as the salesman that he is, he would sell you one! Sam’s retail store, Falcetti’s Music, is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. Over the years, the store has expanded and is known for its customer service and instrument repair. Sam has also been a leader within the industry, serving in many organizations and supporting many others.

William C. Everitt is one of the big names in the music products industry from the big state of Texas. As a musical retailer, he has assisted in the development of the industry and the way instruments are sold. With an eye on the business side of the operation, Mr. Everitt worked to grow the Brook Mays Company, beginning in the 1950s. He later opened the string of Mr. E’s Music stores in the Dallas area, playing an important role in the quality of instruments brought into and sold in Texas.

Duane Eddy has been a strong influence on generations of guitarists and played a key role in making instrumental songs viable as hit makers in popular music.