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This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Henry Wickham, which was captured on July 20, 2003. For his biography and web clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-history/henry-wickham

Vaughn Wiester recalls the day he played with the Woody Herman band for the first time.  The famed leader called out a tune he knew and Larry was ready to jump right in.  "They started playing all of these different notes, playing off each other and making such great music I was lost.

Gerald “Wig” Wiggins was a world renowned composer, arranger and jazz keyboardist. As an early pioneer in playing jazz on the Hammond B-3 organ, Wig had a strong interest in new and inventive sounds. His creatively can be heard in hundreds of recordings and motion pictures beginning in the 1930s.

Art Wiggs has always admired the Gretsch brand of guitars.  He grew up in a musical family, as his parents played in church and on the radio together.  As a kid he played the guitar with a classmate and the duo even had a running gig at Disneyland.  He gave up playing to focus on his young family and to keep his day job.

Carol Wilbur worked closely with Richard Rejino during her career in the print music side of the music industry. She worked at Brook Mays Print Music before being hired by Richard Gore at Pender's Music Company in Dallas.  As Branch Manager and Gift Buyer for the company, she has developed a great understanding of the trends as well as the key elements of customer service.

Vince Wilburn, Jr., was born in Chicago and began playing the drums on pots and pans as early as five years old.   His uncle, Miles Davis, encouraged young Vince to listen to the great drummers, many of whom played with Miles over the years.  Vince recalls with a smile the day he sat in with Miles at the Plugg Nickel in Chicago when he was only nine years old.

Gordy Wilcher believes that with the right mixture of passion and knowledge, the independent music retailer has the strength to bring music to young students, build new brands within their stores and pass along a joy of music to those who walk in their doors. And every day Gordy and his staff try to do just that.

Joe Wilder endorsed many musical products during his long career as a trumpeter. In the later part of his life he was very satisfied with the Buescher horns, but had a collection of other instruments, such as Holton and Conn, which he played during the swing era.

Marguerite Wilder was a band director for 25 years and now works in publishing as an editor and clinician. Over her time as an educator, she taught at a variety of levels, ranging from primary and secondary to junior college.

Bob Wiley’s father opened a small music store in Kansas in the mid 1930s and specialized in steel guitars. When the sales rep, Charlie Hayes, came into the store with electric guitars from a new company called Fender, Bob’s father was thrilled. In 1947, the store was one of the country’s first Fender dealers.