Breakfast of Champions (2015 NAMM Show): Joe Lamond, Intro


What products and trends are driving the music industry? NAMM President and CEO addressed this question during “Breakfast of Champions,” the opening session at the 2015 NAMM Show. He kicked off the session by challenging the audience to stay open to new trends.

“Let’s face it: Trends can be hard to predict in this industry,” Lamond said. “Sometimes, it seems more like we’re in the fashion industry than in the music products industry—the way things come and go, the way these cycles come. And sometimes, the trends that we’re seeing can even be completely contradictory. 

“We have acoustic stringed instruments driving the market and, at the same time, this explosion of DJ and electronic dance music. We have more technology exhibits at The NAMM Show, and at the same time, this year we have more band and orchestra exhibitors than before. We have lessons giving brick-and-mortar retailers a major competitive advantage and, at the same time, 2 million results when you search for ’guitar lesson’ on YouTube. And then we have music streaming hitting an all-time high at the same time that vinyl records are making a comeback.

“So we’re going to take a deep look at the products and trends that are resonating right now. We’re going to look at the products and trends that are driving the music products and growing, and that are certain to affect your business in the year ahead.

​“If we had an end zone for this session, even for the entire show, we’d want you to leave here informed but, maybe more importantly, inspired—inspired to keep an open mind. Because some of these trends last a long time. Some come and go. But they are real, and deciding which ones to take advantage of could be the most important decision you will ever make for your business.”