NAMM Retail Summit Addresses Growth (2014 Summer NAMM)

We’re living in a world​ of same-day delivery, instant price shopping and unprecedented customer expectations. Which music retailers are flourishing in this climate—and what are they doing differently? NAMM President and CEO Joe Lamond kicked off 2014 Summer NAMM by addressing this question.

At the NAMM Retail Summit, he sat down with retail leaders who are thriving in the new business normal to reveal what growth will look like in the coming year.

"These are people who are thinking big," said Lamond of the session's guests. "Some of them are even seeing double-digit growth. Today, we'll look at their ideas, and I hope you leave here with a sense of how to grow your business.

"The bottom line is that surviving isn't the goal anymore—now, the goal is growth. We are coming out of the Great Recession, and we all want to start dreaming again."