Henry Grossman TV Guide Special Collection

An amazingly "Cool Item from the Archives" comes in the form of a collection of old magazines, predominately, copies of TV Guide, that were donated to the NAMM Resource Center Archives by Henry Grossman of Grossman Music.  The collection focuses on preserving copies of publications that outlined the local and national television broadcasting schedules for a particular week in history, and each magazine has a unique feature, the cover showcases an instrument!  Henry had an interest in examining the correlation between an instrument appearing on copies of these guides and a spike in interest from the public surrounding the instrument.  For example, if a ukulele was featured on TV Guide that week, Henry keyed in on the fact that the popularity of the ukulele would increase shortly there after.  

The collection is represented by just a few select images, some of which can be tied to the NAMM Oral History Collection including an interview with Doc Severinsen and Harry Shearer, who provides the voices for many of the characters featured on The Simpsons!  We also have tags that are associated with other images featured in this blog including; Bob Dylan, Count Basie and television's Hee Haw

We hope you enjoy this special collection as much as we do.


Elizabeth Dale
NAMM Archivist & Oral History Coordinator


Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian