Philately Foreign Stamps

Another cool item from the collection is an entire subset of material from the Henry Z. Steinway Philately Special Collection. In an earlier blog, we featured the pictorial envelopes from this collection, and the collection highlights Henry’s immense interest in philately or the collection of a study of postage stamps. While we have broadened the use of this term to include Henry’s vast collection of envelopes, postcard, and trade cards, Henry kept one theme ever-present in his quest to expand his collection, the new acquisition must be tied to music.

In this blog, we’ve decided to share a small smattering of foreign postage stamps that provide just a small glance into the vast collection of nearly 100 foreign postal stamps and I’ve done my best to synthesize the information presented on or with each corresponding stamp featured. Please note the numbered list below directly correlates to the order in which the stamp appears in the images to the right.

  1. Belgian 1973 stamp featuring a tenor saxophone
  2. Indian 1977 stamp featuring a phonograph
  3. Mexican 1971 stamp paying tribute to Composer Agustín Lara
  4. Uruguayan 2001 stamp paying tribute to George Harrison
  5. Romanian 1986 stamp featuring Mickey Mouse
  6. German 1977 stamp featuring an accordion
  7. Dutch 1992 stamp featuring a child
  8. Polish 1979 stamp featuring a violin
  9. Portuguese 1985 stamp entitled “Tocador De Tambor Da Folia”
  10. Cuban 1966 stamp paying tribute to Composer Moisés Simons

Elizabeth Dale
NAMM Archivist & Oral History Coordinator

Dan Del Fiorentino
NAMM Music Historian