U.S. Stamp Philately Collection

The delivery of mail prior to the conclusion of the Revolutionary War was a bit chaotic in America, often with stampless letters being delivered by hand and the cost associated with delivery being paid by the recipients of the mail. However, after the first postmaster general was appointed by Benjamin Franklin in 1775, the modern postal service began to take shape. The first “official” postage stamp was utilized in America on July 1,1847 and was issued by the U.S. government post office and eventually the use of stamps was made mandatory by 1855.

Here at NAMM, we are very fortunate to have an extensive collection of US stamps that have been both donated to and collected by the Resource Center. Each of these stamps showcases music in some fashion and provides an excellent representation of the evolution of the music products industry and its role in America over the course of history. 

A special thanks to Henry Z. Steinway for creating the foundation of this collection by both providing the initial donation of the philately collection and inspiring the NAMM Resource Center team to continue to expand upon his collection.

Elizabeth Dale
NAMM Archivist & Oral History Coordinator

Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian