Wanted: Music Store Photos

4 Photos

You must have a favorite music store, everyone does. The NAMM Resource Center wants to see it!

The mission of the Resource Center is to collect and preserve the history of the music products industry, including the history of your favorite neighborhood retailer. Our goal is to collect as many images of music stores as we can, whether it be a digital image from today or a vintage black and white shot from a hundred years ago, we are seeking your help to bolster our collection.

Please be sure to include as much information as possible along with your photos including the name and location of the store. While the Resource Center would enjoy an original copy of an image, this isn’t a requirement. High-resolution scans or even copies of original photographs would be appreciated. The team here at NAMM can even scan and return an original image upon request.

Help us document all of the Mom and Pop stores of our youth, the multiple locations of iconic retailers, and shops that have come and gone from main streets and busy shopping malls across the world where we bought our first instruments, held our first job or instilled our passion for music.

The photos highlighted in this blog are of the following music stores: 
1. Brothers Four Music Shop circa 1975
2. Meyers Music Store circa 1984
3. Veit's Music House circa 1981
4. Shaw Bros Music Co (year unknown) 


Please send any images and corresponding information to Dand@namm.org.

Dan Del Fiorentino
Music Historian