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Jacobs Music

Al Rinaldi was the first person ever to receive the Steinway Lifetime Achievement Award, which was given to him in 2012.  Al never worked for the piano manufacturer nor did he work for any of it's sister companies.  Al was a Steinway dealer in Philadelphia, who in fact was turned down from being a dealer when he first requested it.  Al was an unknown retailer to the Steinway Company in those days even though he owned piano & organ leased departments at Gimbels, Strawbridge and Clothier, and John Wannamaker’s.  When he purchased Jacobs Music in downtown Philly, he carried several other brands before finally having the chance to sell what he believed to be the best piano in the world.  After years of dedication, innovative selling and support, he was given the special award by Steinway in recognition for all he did to build the brand and promote the Steinway piano!  Today his son Chris is the president of Jacobs Music, following in Al's footsteps.