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Robert Zadel spent nearly 50 years in the organ business working with two of the biggest names in the industry. Bob spent 12 years working as the marketing director for the Conn Organ division during the heyday of the electronic organ. More recently, he played a major role in Curt Carter’s Organ Exchange chain.

Marilea Zajec and her husband Victor became the historians for the Midwest Band Clinic and over the years collected and wrote of the importance of the annual events impact on music education around the world. Victor attended the first program in 1946 and Marilea’s first Midwest was as a performer in 1961.

Lane Zastrow was playing professionally and even teaching music as a teenager.  His main instrument, the accordion!  After years on the road, Lane made his way into the print world.  In 1967, Lane joined Sight & Sound, which was owned by Zeb Billings.  He later worked for the famed Chicago Musical Instruments (CMI) and in fact was the last person hired by the founder, MH Be

Grayson Zeagler grew up in a musical family, singing in the church and playing in the band. Grayson plays the trumpet and began as a young student. His parents opened a sheet music store in 1968 in Monroe, Louisiana and Grayson grew up in the business and said he could think of nothing else he would rather do than work in the music industry.

Roger Zehr worked as a trumpet tester for the Vincent Bach brands of horns, beginning when the company was on its own and later when it was purchased by Selmer and when it merged to become Conn-Selmer in 2003.  Bob Hodges was also a trumpet tester for the company who served as Roger’s mentor and teacher for many years following in the long tradition of on-the-job training.  In

Troy Zeigler has a long association with McCabe's Guitar Shop even though he is a professional drummer.  His passion for musical instruments is not limited to the drums and as a result, Troy has become a successful salesman for McCabe's.

Ruth Zeiner has been an active and passionate member of the piano technicians industry!  Her guidance and advice has helped encourage and foster the careers of members of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG) for years.  As president of Allied Piano LakeOne USA, Ruth has offered tools and support to help improve and grow the PTG membership.

Dean Zelinsky wanted to bring cool guitars to the market place and when he set out to do just that he was still in high school!  The year after graduating, he opened Dean Guitars and attended his first NAMM Show the year after that, which was 1977.

Yuris Zeltins is the master luthier known worldwide for his artistic and engineering craftsmanship that is evident in each of his musical instruments.

Rafael Zendejas has worked for Remo since 1987.  When he began, the company was located in North Hollywood.  Today he is a factory supervisor within the headquarters of Remo Inc., which is located in Valencia, California.  He started in the production end of the factory, sanding drums and soon grew into other positions within the company, a factor of his career he has enjoyed.