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Billy Taylor was first and foremost a jazz pianist. This fact might surprise some people who knew Billy best for one of a number of other careers he enjoyed in music, including teaching, composing and advocating for music education. As a jazz performer, Billy learned from the best including Ben Webster and Mary Lou Williams.

Larry Taylor joined the rock/blues band Canned Heat in 1966 just before the band’s string of hit recordings. The gig came after nearly 6 years as a recording artist playing both guitar and bass.

Keith Taylor strongly believes that every recording engineer should have a foundation in music. Understanding the elements and structure of music has proven to be key to his success as an engineer and studio owner. It does not hurt that Keith also has been formally trained as an electrical engineer. Yet, it’s his background in music that he feels attributes to his understanding

Bryce Taylor is one of the best known and respected bandmasters in the state of Texas. His school bands have performed at the Midwest Band Clinic, TMEA, and the Texas Bandmaster’s Association (TBA). His close relations with music dealers have made Mr. Taylor a role model for up and coming music directors who are encouraged by Mr. Taylor’s success.

Tess Taylor is the president of the National Association of Record Industry Professionals (NARIP), which is one of the largest music business networks in the world.  Tess formed the association in 1998 to bring the industry together and to serve educational and professional needs around the world.  Her advocacy work within the recording industry has been critical in the growth

This is the full length NAMM Oral History interview with Bryce Taylor, which was captured on July 22, 2006. For his biography and web-clip, please follow the link: https://www.namm.org/library/oral-historybryce-taylor

Ivor Taylor took part in one of the great developments of the music industry when he established a pro audio retail store in London. Turnkey was just that, an easy solution for its customers who were seeking to take advantage of developing technologies to make, record, and produce music. It was among the first mail order businesses in the United Kingdom to offer pro audio gear.

Tut Taylor was a world renowned Dobro player, but did you know he partnered with George Gruhn and the two hired Randy Wood to form a music store in Nashville?  Gruhn Guitars began as GTR, which was an abbreviation for George, Tut and Randy, when it opened in the 1970s.

Terry Taylor has worked in the music industry his entire career.  After his service in the Marine Corp, Terry began working for CG Conn in the factory in Elkhart, Indiana.  He later worked for Armstrong flutes before they merged with Selmer.  Terry takes pride in his hands on work and the fact that the instruments he is making will soon make music for someone else.

Don Teach is the owner of Shreveport Music store, which was once run by his father. While his father guided the store it was mainly a Hammond dealer and became one of the first to offer Yamaha instruments. By the mid 1960s, he was asked to carry guitars for players who did not want to travel to Dallas for gear.