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Vince Wilburn, Jr., was born in Chicago and began playing the drums on pots and pans as early as five years old.   His uncle, Miles Davis, encouraged young Vince to listen to the great drummers, many of whom played with Miles over the years.  Vince recalls with a smile the day he sat in with Miles at the Plugg Nickel in Chicago when he was only nine years old.

Gordy Wilcher believes that with the right mixture of passion and knowledge, the independent music retailer has the strength to bring music to young students, build new brands within their stores and pass along a joy of music to those who walk in their doors. And every day Gordy and his staff try to do just that.

Joe Wilder endorsed many musical products during his long career as a trumpeter. In the later part of his life he was very satisfied with the Buescher horns, but had a collection of other instruments, such as Holton and Conn, which he played during the swing era.

Marguerite Wilder was a band director for 25 years and now works in publishing as an editor and clinician. Over her time as an educator, she taught at a variety of levels, ranging from primary and secondary to junior college.

Bob Wiley’s father opened a small music store in Kansas in the mid 1930s and specialized in steel guitars. When the sales rep, Charlie Hayes, came into the store with electric guitars from a new company called Fender, Bob’s father was thrilled. In 1947, the store was one of the country’s first Fender dealers.

H. P. Wilfer inherited the passion and drive of his father who formed the Framus Guitar Company. After hard times and his father’s retirement, H. P. bought back the company to bring the many innovative and popular products back to market. H. P.

Florence Wilfer was born in France and was working for a musical distribution company when she met HP Wilfer, her future husband.  The two have been working together at HP's Warwick Company since getting married in 1991.  Florence has been critical in the operations, marketing and book keeping side of the company, freeing HP to work with his engineering team to produce the inno

Steve Wilkerson was just a young saxophonist when legendary bandleader, Stan Kenton, hired him to join his orchestra in 1975. It was a great experience for Steve, who went on to play in several bands and with a long list of performers both in jazz and rock.

Trev Wilkinson began painting cars as a teenager and soon there after painted his own guitar, which started him on the road to guitar restoration and building. His long and fascinating interest in guitar design has resulted in many musical product innovations including the Wilkinson Brass Roller Bridge.

Christopher Willcox was once a classical actor on the British stage. He was a teacher and writer, but feels his favorite job is that of piano salesman. For well over 35 years, he has done just that. Mr.