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Karen Wojcik began working for Selmer in 1973 and watched the company change hands but stayed with the same company for her entire career.  She works in the office for Conn-Selmer in Elkhart and has witnessed some great changes with the use of computers and later the Internet.  Her role in assisting the customer in getting the product they want in a timely matter is among the f

Abe Wollam was a close associate of Bud Reglein. Beginning in the 1940s, Abe worked with Bud at the J.J. Babbitt Mouthpiece Company out of Elkhart, IN. Abe developed strong engineering skills, which proved to be invaluable as the company grew over the years and required specialized tooling.

Stevie Wonder has earned the title of the "Mayor of the NAMM Show" for his countless visits to the show floor over the years.  He has become an important part of the music products industry not only in promoting new technologies, but in working with companies to design and improve instruments.  Among the products he helped create was a synthesizer for musicians with blindness,

David Woo purchased La Jolla Music with a goal to focus on the lesson programs.  His children took music lessons in the store and he wanted to capture the key element of the store by providing its community with music lessons.  David expanded the number of lesson rooms, teachers, and instrument instructions that were offered.  As a result of his efforts, the store, which was es

Bobby Wood enjoyed playing the organ as a child growing up in church in northern Mississippi. He crafted a well-regarded career as a recording artist and studio artist who is perhaps best known as a member of the Memphis Boys.

Mike Wood has witnessed many developments in professional lighting throughout his career.  During his NAMM interview, Mike spoke about his background, as well as a few of those milestone improvements.  He also talked about the importance of the first moving light system, which was introduced in the 1980s and Mike compared that innovation with the equally revolutionary developme

Randy Wood is the president of The Music Shoppe in Normal, Illinois. The store specializes in band instrument repairs and strong customer service.  The store goes back to the days when a former college band director, John Noonan opened a small retail and repair store.  In 1961, Randy's father, Tom, purchased the store and changed the name to The Music Shoppe.

Ken Woodcox was an early adopter of computer technology when he proudly joined Crown International in the 1970s. Bringing his skill set to Crown and having the company embrace computers resulted in faster customer service and a wider global reach. Ken became the Sales Manager for the Western United States and later juggled nine rep firms in the distribution of products. Among h

Petra Woodfull-Harris recalls taking lessons on the recorder at the age of six, followed by the piano three years later.  She enjoyed the idea of improving her skills and of expressing herself through music, which is a driving force in her passion today.  As the sales and marketing manager for Barenreiter, the German music publisher, Petra connects music materials to teachers a

Douglas Woodfull-Harris started his career as a studio musician in San Francisco. During his studies of classical composition and musicology in Los Angeles he met his wife Petra. They both moved to Germany and soon after Douglas started working at Bärenreiter as editor.