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William F. Ludwig II was proud of the company his father started, largely based on the 1909 patented bass drum pedal, which allowed the drummer to sit down for the first time.

Geoffrey Lorenz is a passionate music publisher who is rather proud of his family's history in the print business. And he should be! The Lorenz family ushered many firsts in the world of print and have come to symbolize quality publications.

Dennis Lord gained fame in the country music field as the co-writer of Travis Tritt’s breakthrough hit “I’m a Member of the Country Club (Country Music is what I love).” After years of refining the craft of songwriting, he had finally gained the success he wanted and yet he realized a life as a songwriter wasn’t for him. He stepped back into his legal background and combined his passion for music as the President of SESAC. He discovered that licensing music was challenging and very rewarding for him and soon the company grew and expanded.

Trini Lopez became an early Latin-American pop singer with a string of recordings in the late 1950s and 60s including "If I Had a Hammer" and "Lemon Tree." Frank Sinatra took him under his wing and signed Trini to an eight year record contract that included the talents of Sinatra's arranger Don Costa to oversee Trini's projects.

Don Lombardi is the founder of Drum Workshop, who formed the company at the age of 26 with the goal of providing teaching facilities for young drummers in Santa Monica. Don had the opportunity to purchase the equipment to bring the famous Camco drum pedal back to the market place under the DW name. As the company developed and its product line increased to include snares and full drum kits, Don kept an eye on his original goal of music education.

William Locke worked for the Canadian division of the C.F. Martin & Company going back to the early 1970s. During that same time period, several suppliers came together to form the Musical Instrument Association of Canada (MIAC). William (Bill) joined the board of MIAC, including a term as president.

Michael Lloyd is among the most prolific recording producers of the 1970s and 80s. His long list of successes include the Dirty Dancing movie soundtrack and Debbie Boone’s 70s mega hit “You Light Up My Life.” Michael has been equally innovative in the use in his recordings of electronic musical instruments such as synthesizers and the mellotron.

Arthur Linter had many stories to share, like the one about his real birthday. “My mother told me, ‘Your birthday is March 14, 1913, but it says April 5 on your birth certificate because the doctor put it in his pocket and carried it around for a few days before he filed it.’”

Larry "Link" Linkin began his career in the industry as a salesman for the G. Leblanc Corporation and wound up the C.E.O. of NAMM, retiring the year that the organization marked its 100th anniversary.

John Limb provided a detailed account of the Catholic music publishing business and its effect on the growth and development of Oregon Catholic Publishing (OCP) for which he served as president.