Amin Bhatia


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Composer, Producer
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Bhatia Music Inc.

Amin Bhatia award winning composer/synthesist has worked in film and television in both electronic and orchestral environments. In his youth, Amin won Roland’s International Synthesizer Tape Competition in both 1981 and ’82. This led to work with Toto’s esteemed synthesist Steve Porcaro. Amin Bhatia is well known for his full-scale synth-orchestral work The Interstellar Suite, which premiered in 1987. It featured all analog synthesizers and no digital samples. Amin's film and TV scores, many of which were co-written with friend and collaborator Ari Posner, have won several Canadian Screen awards as well as an Emmy nomination. He has consulted for many synthesizer companies and serves on the Board of Advisors for the Bob Moog Foundation.