Armin Zertor


Oral History Information

Interview Date
Job Title
Director Business Development
Company Name
Masterpiece International

Armin Zertor was born in Germany and moved to the United States at a young age with his family. While living in Chicago in 1975, Armin landed his first job working for a trade show in the print industry. Soon after, he became an on-site contractor, a job that took him around the world for several large trade shows. In that role, he focused on helping clients ship their goods safely to and from the events. In 1992, Armin, now living in Southern California, drove to Carlsbad to meet with the then-director of NAMM’s trade show, John Vincent. The two hit it off, and Armin became an indispensable member of the NAMM team, enriching the organization with his wealth of experiences and captivating stories.