Barry Frost


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Job Title
Piano Department Manager
Company Name
Blues Angel Music

Barry Frost thoroughly enjoys his role as the manager of the piano department at Blues Angle Music in Pensacola. Being in the position of providing the right piano for his customers is meaningful to Barry and harkens back to the moment his parents purchased a Kimbal Piano when he was eight years old. He took lessons on that piano throughout high school and went on to major in music in college, earning a degree in music education. Barry worked for Dollarhide Music in Pensacola where he was afforded the opportunity to meet Mr. Henry Steinway of Steinway & Sons as well as the founder of Roland, Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi. When the store closed in 2016, Nan and Jim DeSafney at Blues Angle Music hired most of the crew, including Barry, who quickly found a new home to continue his passion for uniting each customer with their perfect piano.