Bill Armstrong


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Founder/Recording Engineer
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Armstrong Studios

Bill Armstrong is often referred to as the father of the Australian recording industry. Since the late 1940s, he has been a pivotal figure in shaping the sound of Australian music. His Armstrong Studios dominated the music recording and commercial voiceover industries in the '60s and '70s. A significant number of hit records and radio commercials during this era originated from his Albert Road and Bank Street studios. Bill's innovative spirit also led him to pioneer FM radio in Australia, playing a crucial role in the creation of the successful EON FM radio network through one of Melbourne's first commercial FM licenses. Bill's contributions have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, highlighting his unparalleled influence in recording and broadcasting. He received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his extensive work in production and administration, the Ted Albert Award for Outstanding Services to Australian Music, and an AM in the Queen’s Birthday Honors. NAMM’s good friend Greg Phillips conducted this interview when Bill was 95 years old. Bill Armstrong's legacy is a testament to his enduring passion for music and his significant impact on Australia's cultural landscape.