Bill Seymour


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Pearl Works

Bill Seymour played several instruments in school including the trumpet, drums, and violin. Early in his career he established a software company with a focus on relational databases. He was hired as a consultant to help the team at Pearl Works, which was fitting as he felt a strong bond with any company associated with the music industry. Pearl Works, based in Maryland, was established by artists Jean and Larry Sifel who creatively designed inlay art for musical instruments. They developed processes to train other artists to expand the business, which has provided inlay for CF Martin, PRS, and Steinway & Sons, among others. Bill took a real interest in assisting the growth of the company and not only became an employee but worked his way up to the president. When the time was right, he purchased the company with a deep desire to continue the quality, integrity and family feeling that Jean and Larry had worked so hard to establish.