Bob Bennett


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Songwriter, Vocalist

Bob Bennett has written songs sung by congregations around the world for decades. His life in music all began when his older brother taught him a few chords on the guitar when he was ten years old. He would make up songs while walking to school and entered talent shows to sing his songs. A big influence for him was the Folk Music craze of the early 1960s, a style detected in his Christian music years later. During the singer/songwriter era of the 1970s, Bob found his niche writing and singing religious music with a focus on storytelling with a Folk music flare. As Amy Grant took off in the mid-1980s playing Christian rock with a pop music appeal, she asked Bob to open for her, which he recounts as a meaningful experience. During the pandemic of 2020, Bob started a live-streaming program called Bob Bennett Weekly Live, in which he sings and answers questions. You can check out the program on YouTube.