Bob Saunders


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Job Title
Former President
Company Name
Kaman Music

Bob Saunders began working in the accounting department for Kaman Corporation.  He was asked by the company’s founder, Charlie, to work with his son Bill for the Kaman Music Corporation.  After Bill retired, Bob took over as CEO and President of Kaman Music and ran the company for over a decade.  During Bob’s time as president, the company acquired the Latin Percussion (LP) brand, which was a complimentary product to the guitars they were manufacturing, and oversaw the aquisition of Musicorp as Kaman was the largest independent distributor of musical instruments and accessories in the United States (Musicorp was number two).  Bob also worked out a deal to distribute Gretsch Drums throughout the United States and took over the manufacturing of the drums both off shore as well as within the United States some years later.  During it all, Bob enjoyed his career in the industry, which is clear when viewing his 2012 NAMM Oral History interview.