Bob Snyder


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Interview Date
Job Title
Senior District Manager
Company Name
Steinway & Sons

Bob Snyder enjoyed his 40 plus years in the music industry, driven by his passion for music. His father was a professor of music and instruments of all kinds seemed to be everywhere in his home growing up. His sales career started at a Hammond Organ dealership where he would perform on the organ to attract customers to the store. In 1981 he was offered a job at CBS Musical Instruments, a division of the broadcasting company. CBS owned Steinway & Sons Piano Company at the time and by 1984 Bob found himself promoted from Product Specialist to District Manager. In every way possible, Bob has done his best to encourage those who are new to the piano business so they too will grow to understand that what they do makes a wonderful and positive difference in the lives of those they deal with; what they do is literally make dreams come true.