Bob Watters


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Songwriter, Consultant
Company Name
Thomas Organ Company

Bob Watters was 12 years old when he picked up his banjo and began traveling for evangelists in and around his home state of Texas. He performed for tent shows and gospel revivals for a few years before he, at the age of 15, started providing some of the sermons. Along the way he performed with Robert Daniels, who would go on to have a long and successful career as a gospel singer. Bob also had a knack for expressing himself with music and soon began writing his own songs. Among the songs he penned are “Jesus Is The Answer,” “The Shepard’s Song” and “I Cant’s Get Along Without The Lord.” In 1969 he began a ten-year relationship with the Thomas Organ Company whereby the music manufacturer would provide Bob with an organ for his performances, which were all around the world, including Poland and Germany. He is proud of his ministry and the fact that his music has meant so much to so many people over his long career.