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Bobby Dukoff Mouthpieces

Bobby Dukoff was a big band saxophone player during the swing era when he looked for ways of improving his own sound.  While working for the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Bobby began playing his own mouthpiece, which showcased his style.  Soon other musicians were asking for the mouthpiece and the Bobby Dukoff Mouthpiece Company was formed.  Bobby hired Nicolas Hernandez to work in the shop and soon Bobby taught the trade to Nic, who became president of the company in the early 2000s.  Bobby suffered a stroke before his NAMM Oral History scheduled interview in March 2012. So in true "Bobby Dukoff spirit", his employees and his wife gathered around him to tell his story for him. Bobby’s webclip (above) was created using three interviews; his wife Jeanne Dukoff, Dukoff Mouthpiece President Nicolas Hernandez and Dukoff Mouthpiece Product Specialist Craig Richard, all while Bobby listened in.  Bobby passed away in May 2012 having lived a long and celebrated life in music.