Bongo Bob Smith


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Executive Producer
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Bongo Post

Bongo Bob Smith has had an amazing musical journey, which all began with his love of the music of Puerto Rico. Before the term World Music was used, Bob was exploring music from many countries and regions, especially Latin Jazz.  Along the way he began collecting percussive instruments from around the World, learning as much as he could about the instruments' origins. Always looking for new sounds and creating so many on his own, Bob found great success in his pursuit during the early days of the synthesizer boom. He embraced the drum machine right away, which created a demand for his knowledge and skills as a Studio Musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. These projects led to film work, such as the movie The Hitcher (directed by Robert Harmon in 1986). He began composing and producing to the point where he established his own company, Bongo Post, and worked with the likes of Whitney Houston, Joe Satriani, Aretha Franklin and on several Disney projects.  His journey continues…