BR Wexler

BR Wexler was the president of Wexler Music Company, the leading manufacturer of symphonic batons. The company also produces a wide range of accessory products. Established by his father, David Wexler, the company pioneered the music store counter catalog and gained great respect for its fair business practices. David Wexler was also a noted educator who wrote often about the business and issues facing the industry. His articles have appeared in Music Merchandise Review, The Music Trades, and the NAMM newsletter. BR was a strong supporter of the NAMM Oral History program and served as an advisor for the NAMM Resource Center staff for many years.  


Interview Date:
March 30, 2003
Date of Birth:
November 9, 1936
Deceased Date:
March 21, 2014
Job Title:
Wexler Music Company

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