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Safe Haven Music

Brendan Zareno, the visionary behind Safe Haven Music in Island Park, New York, has dedicated his life to the art of guitar repair and sales. From a young age, he honed his skills, transforming a childhood hobby into a thriving career. Brendan's expertise in guitar repair became evident early on, as he effortlessly breathed new life into used instruments, earning admiration and profit. With unwavering determination, he created a haven for guitar enthusiasts, stocking it with a treasure trove of rare and sought-after instruments from renowned brands like Ibanez, Jackson, Gretsch, and Charvel. His commitment to providing a sanctuary for musicians extends beyond mere commerce; he envisioned Safe Haven Music as a sanctuary where musicians could gather, jam, and immerse themselves in their passion without pressure to purchase. Despite expanding his responsibilities to include data management and web development, he remains rooted in his love for guitars and the community he serves.