Brian Shepard


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Music Teachers National Association

Brian Shepard provided a meaningful review on the history of the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) during his NAMM Oral History interview. Brian outlined the early years of the organization having been formed by the music publishing icon Theodore Presser in 1876. Brian also outlined some of the association’s programs and milestones over the years as well as his own connection with MTNA, having been hired as the Director of Marketing in 2003. Since that time, Brian has witnessed the growth and development of technology and how that has assisted the way MTNA communicates with their membership, which stands at over 22,000. Overseeing social media and connection with its members on the Internet, Brian has played an active role in expanding partnerships with other organizations such as RPMDA and NAMM. What becomes clear when listening to Brian is his deep and sincere passion for music and music educators.