Carlo Lucarelli


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Co-Founder, Product Engineer
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Carlo Lucarelli graduated with an electronics engineering degree in 1963, marking the beginning of a distinguished career. After three years with GTE in Milano, he joined the music products industry, starting with Farfisa Organs in the Ancona area of Italy. Carlo's expertise and dedication contributed significantly to Farfisa until 1976 when he and three colleagues co-founded Siel. This new venture quickly gained recognition for producing innovative electronic musical instruments. As president and general manager, Carlo played a pivotal role in both the design of the instruments and the successful management of the company. Carlo's passion for music and engineering left an indelible mark on the industry. His technical acumen and visionary leadership at Siel propelled the company to the forefront of electronic musical instrument manufacturing. Carlo's contributions to music technology continue to inspire and resonate within the community, reflecting his enduring legacy.