Charlie Redden


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Director of Supply Chain Management
Company Name
Taylor Guitars

Charlie Redden played guitar in bands when he was in school and always has had a passion for playing. After working for Amazon in the early days of that company's history, back when they only sold books and CDs, Charlie earned a degree in economics at San Diego State University and soon found an opportunity to work for Taylor Guitars. Since that time, he has worked on several special projects such as expanding the company’s European reach by opening a distribution arm in Amsterdam. He also played a part in the Ebony Project in the country of Cameroon in West Africa where Bob Taylor became co-owner of a sawmill in the area. He took on the challenge of sourcing and processing the ebony wood to make the most of each tree and ensure there would be a future for the trees in the region. Charlie and his team created a documentary of the project, which has become a personal mission for many of staff at Taylor, including Charlie.