Chris Miller


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Pacific Store Designs

Chris Miller has helped more music retailers with their store designs and merchandising than just about anyone else in the industry. Always with an eye for design and graphics, Chris was drawing back in school and dreaming up clever ideas. His first job was designing buildings and offices, but he soon realized working in a retail space was much more exciting. Chris formed Pacific Store Designs and has worked closely with NAMM and its members over the years. In fact, Chris helped design the layout of the NAMM headquarters building in Carlsbad, California, as well as a model store display on the exhibit floor for NAMM shows ten years in a row. He has also provided training sessions on store design, marketing and merchandising. Chris created unique ways to address challenges distinctive to music retailing, such as preventing sound in teaching rooms from traveling in air vents. For Chris, the reward of his work is in the feedback retailers give him, thanking him for helping improve their businesses and in attracting new customers.