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Bailey Brother’s Music

Clay Bailey recalls his father’s early career included producing local country music ho-downs while establishing a radio repair shop, which turned into an appliance store called the Radio Hospital. His business grew to offer furniture and other goods over the years and at one point he was joined in business by his oldest son, Clay’s brother Paul Jr. In 1986 Paul Jr. and Clay opened a small music store. It was called Bailey Brothers Music and soon became a successful business. The two brothers were often heard/seen on local radio and TV commercials remembered to this day for their crazy sales and the use of early TV special effects. They opened a number of other businesses including a nightclub and a backline business, which rented gear for local concerts and churches. After his brother passed away in 2006, Clay took over the back line business, which he runs with his son, having sold the Bailey Brothers store to Music & Arts in 2023.